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MRCA Newsletters

    MRCA Newsletters

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    Summer 2014 (pdf, 2.0Mb)

    Spring 2013 (pdf, 2.9Mb)

    Winter 2013 (pdf, 3.3Mb)

    Autumn 2013 (pdf, 1.8Mb)

    Summer 2011 (pdf, 352Kb)

    Winter 2011 (pdf, 944Kb)

    Autumn 2011 (pdf, 577Kb)

    Summer 2010 (pdf, 442Kb)

    Winter 2010 (pdf, 1.4Mb)

    Spring 2010 (pdf, 799Kb)

    Winter 2009 (pdf, 389Kb)

    Autumn 2009 (pdf, 482Kb)

    Summer 2009 (pdf, 370Kb)

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    Driver Reviver 2017
    Opening Hours


    Drop in & have a cuppa with us at the Colinton Rest Area, approximately 15km south of Michelago.

    Snow Season 2017 Opening Hours

    Our opening hours over the snow season (June-October) are:

    June Long Weekend
    Friday 9 June 5pm - 7pm
    Monday 12 June 10am - 6pm

    June/July (16/06/17 - 02/07/17)
    Friday 5pm - 7pm
    Sunday 2pm - 6pm

    July/August (07/07/17 - 27/08/17)
    Friday 4pm - 6.00pm (UPDATED)
    Sunday 2pm - 8pm

    September (01/09/17 - 24/09/17)
    Friday 4pm - 6.00pm (UPDATED)
    Sunday 2pm - 6pm

    October Long Weekend
    Friday 29 September
    4pm - 6.00pm (UPDATED)
    Monday 2 October 10am - 6pm

    Please check back regularly to confirm times, as we will also operate depending on demand.

    Remember to STOP, REVIVE, SURVIVE!

    Driver Reviver on
    Facebook and Twitter

    Support our Michelago/Colinton Driver Reviver on Facebook and Twitter.

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    Join the MRCA

    The Michelago Region Community Association (MRCA) represents our local community and is actively involved in the progress of Michelago as it grows and improves. To continue our work, we need your support, so please consider joining. 

    The subscription for 2016 is $10 per person or $15 per family.

    To join, please fill in our membership form (pdf, 144Kb).

    MRCA Meetings

    MRCA meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of every month from 7.00pm at the Michelago Railway Station. All welcome to meet with the committee and have your say.

    MRCA Newsletter & Facebook

    For information about your region, read the latest Michelago Newsletter.

    Check out our Facebook page for updates.

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