Tourist Attractions

Thursday, 04 June 2009 15:23
Michelago, gateway to the Monaro, is overlooked by the spectacular Tinderry Mountains which dominate the views all around the region (1600 metres) and are regularly photographed by nature loving visitors.  Send us your photos and we'll post them here! 
The iconic Murrumbidgee River corridor forms the western border of the Michelago region (photos welcome!)
Also a favourite with photographers are the Michelago's heritage buildings: the historic railway station, St Patrick’s church, and the railway bridge over Micalago Road which was saved by local action.
Michelago's rich history is full of great stories, eg Cotter and Onyong, Sir Granville Ryrie, Clarke Brothers, and the haunted Iberian Inn.
Send us your photos and stories of unforgettable Michelago!

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