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Michelago History

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The ‘Maneroo’ covered a vast area; from the Micilago Creek in the north, west to ‘Nunga’ near Kiandra, south through ‘Bigga’ & down to the Deddick River, east to within about forty miles of the coast near Eden and up to Moruya.

Lambie set up his Headquarters at ‘Coomer Creek’, about 45 miles south from Micaligo. His station visits, for the purpose of the 1839 Census, took him over most of the huge area of the ‘Moneroo’.

It was in Sept.1839 that he visited Rossi’s ‘Micilago’ run and records 28 residents, with Alymer Campbell as overseer. It covered 90 square miles, carried 6,200 sheep, 7 cattle, 6 horses & contained 7 slab huts, a sheep shed & a stockyard.

Between July 29 1839 and Oct. 17 1839, Lambie had visited 77 stations with nearly 100 to go. He completed his Census Tour in January 1840 with 157 properties covered.

So, long before the Land Commissioner travelled through his squatting district, the stockmen had travelled far & wide.

John Lambie’s position as Commissioner did not include the mapping of the area. Instead, in the absence of the Surveyor General, Major Thomas Mitchell, his Deputy Captain Samuel Perry, appointed Stewart Ryrie, Junior. With his knowledge of the country and other attributes, he was well chosen. He also attempted to describe it geographically.

Stewart’s maps and sketched views began at ‘Micilago’ - ’a favourable point of departure’, with the most remarkable of the ‘twins’ of the Tinderry Range used to fix the point astronomically. The observations were mostly likely taken from the foot of the northerly of the two and not quite accurately.

His first ascent, on a fair but cloudy day on Jan.1 1840, proved to be exceedingly boisterous and hazy, so a second attempt was made on the 16th in more favourable weather conditions and preferable observations.

Each ascent was over 900 metres of the 1618 metre peak. He describes the first half of the ascent with rock of a brownish grey colour and of a slatey fracture; also containing a considerable mixture of quartz; the prevailing timber is a dwarf box & stunted stringy bark. When halfway up, the rock suddenly changed to Granite, large blocks scattered abundantly on the surface, making ascent difficult. The large blocks of Granite are connected together veins of quartz.

On the evening of the 17th, he camped by the Bredbo River where his observed latitude was correct.

He continued his trekking and observations in a south easterly direction during the month, until bad weather sent him home to his father’s property ’Coolringdong’ to work on his observations. Over the next six months he was to cover the Maneroo in every direction, with pauses at ‘Coolringdong’ to write, record, and rest. Stewart Ryrie’s contributions are memorable.


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