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Michelago - A Brief History

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The present day Michelago Village is in a wide valley about half-way between Canberra and Cooma. The village lies just off the Monaro Highway, to the east and with the Tinderry Range as a noble backdrop. To the west is the The Clear Range and out of view, the Murrumbidgee River.

Originally, the village site was to the north of the Michelago Creek, with a collection of slab, stone and timber buildings, haphazardly following the route to the Monaro. Some still remain intact, others are in a forlorn state of disrepair and as is common, only a remaining chimney.

Michelago or Mikelago?

There were numerous versions of the spelling of its name and almost as many reasons for the name. No matter how it was spelt, it was always pronounced the same, with a slight Irish twist. Michelago, Micalago, Micaligo, Mikelago, Mikelego, & Miklego, are most of the names recorded. The two names adopted –‘Michelago’ for the Village with the coming of the railway in 1887 and ‘Micalago’ was retained for the Ryrie’s (sheep) station. The origin is thought to be an Aboriginal word ‘Micki’, meaning lightning. The Monaro and its early runs, also varied in spelling and again, were derived from the native dialect.


The original inhabitants of the area were members of the Ngarigo tribe; these were the “true explorers, pathfinders & discoverers” of thousands of years. Small groups would lead a nomadic lifestyle, with numbers increasing dramatically to 400-500 as the tribe gathered for corroborees, initiation ceremonies (from which women & children were barred ) and the annual gathering of the Bogong Moth. For several months of the year the moth was in abundance in the high peaks, in caves and crevices. They provided protein for the people, giving them a sleek and well nourished appearance. A remote area in the Tinderries was a meeting ground for other tribes, some travelling from the South Coast, to take part in various activities.

Ngarigo numbers declined rapidly after white settlement. Some were companions, guides, as well as shepherds and stockmen. Apart from conflicts arising between both parties, diseases introduced by europeans and the availability of liquor played a large part in their demise. Outbreaks of smallpox in 1830, influenza and measles in the 1860’s are also recorded.

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