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MRCA Committee Meeting Minutes

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MRCA Minutes January 2017

MRCA Minutes March 2017

MRCA Minutes May 2017

MRCA Minutes June 2017

MRCA Minutes July 2017

MRCA Minutes August 2017

MRCA Minutes September 2017

MRCA Minutes October 2017

MRCA Minutes November 2017

MRCA Minutes December 2017


MRCA Minutes February 2016


MRCA Minutes March 2015 (pdf, 150KB)

MRCA Minutes March 2015 (pdf, 154KB)


Minutes February 2014 (pdf, 35KB)


Minutes December 2013 (pdf, 144KB)

Minutes November 2013 (pdf, 149KB)

Minutes October 2013 (pdf, 136KB)

Minutes September 2013 (pdf, 158KB)

Minutes August 2013 (pdf, 154KB)

Minutes July 2013 (pdf, 154KB)

Minutes June 2013 (pdf, 166KB)

Minutes May 2013 (pdf, 166KB)

Minutes April 2013 (pdf, 166KB)

Minutes March 2013 (pdf, 188KB)

Minutes February 2013 (pdf, 169KB)


Minutes December 2012 (pdf, 210KB)

Minutes November 2012(pdf, 243KB)

Minutes October 2012 (pdf, 228KB)

Minutes September 2012ÂÂp;( (pdf, 199KB)

Minutes August 2012 (pdf, 262KB)

Minutes July 2012 (pdf, 243KB)

Minutes June 2012 (pdf, 231KB)

Minutes May 2012 (pdf, 231KB)

Minutes April 2012 (pdf, 228KB)

Minutes March 2012 (pdf, 181KB)


Minutes December 2011 (pdf, 155KB)

Minutes November 2011 (pdf, 160KB)

Minutes October 2011 (pdf, 160KB)

Minutes September 2011 (pdf, 149KB)

Minutes August 2011 (pdf, 148KB)

Minutes July 2011 (pdf, 143KB)

Minutes June 2011 (pdf, 176KB)

Minutes May 2011 (pdf, 161KB)

Minutes April 2011 (pdf, 172KB)

Minutes March 2011 (pdf, 120KB)

Minutes February 2011 (pdf, 91KB)


Minutes December 2010 (pdf, 88KB)

Minutes November 2010 (pdf, 86KB)

Minutes October 2010 (pdf, 91KB)

Minutes September 2010 (pdf, 100KB)

Minutes August 2010 (pdf, 105KB)

Minutes July 2010 (pdf, 85KB)

Minutes June 2010 (pdf, 83KB)

Minutes May 2010 (pdf, 91KB)

Minutes April 2010 (pdf, 97KB)

Minutes March 2010 (pdf, 112KB)

Minutes February 2010 (pdf, 110KB)


Minutes December 2009 (pdf, 102KB)

Minutes November 2009 (pdf, 105KB)

Minutes October 2009 (pdf, 102KB)

Minutes September 2009 (pdf, 94KB)

Minutes August 2009 (pdf, 93KB)

Minutes July 2009 (pdf, 94KB)

Minutes June 2009 (pdf, 88KB)

Minutes May 2009 (pdf, 96KB)

Minutes April 2009 (pdf, 109KB)

Minutes March 2009 (pdf, 146KB)

Minutes February 2009 (pdf, 89KB)


Minutes December 2008 (pdf, 92KB)

Minutes November 2008 (pdf, 91KB)

Minutes October 2008 (pdf, 86KB)

Minutes September 2008 (pdf, 96KB)

Minutes August 2008 (pdf, 46KB)

Minutes May 2008 (pdf, 30KB)

Minutes April 2008 (pdf, 82KB)

Minutes March 2008 (pdf, 31KB)

Minutes February 2008 (pdf, 28KB)

Minutes January 2008 (pdf, 27KB)


Minutes December 2007 (pdf, 29KB)

Minutes November 2007 (pdf, 27KB)

Minutes October 2007 (pdf, 28KB)

Minutes August 2007 (pdf, 16KB)

Minutes July 2007 (pdf, 19KB)

Minutes June 2007 (pdf, 15KB)

Minutes May 2007 (pdf, 18KB)

Minutes April 2007 (pdf, 21KB)

Minutes March 2007 (pdf, 20KB)


Minutes November 2006 (27KB)

Minutes October 2006 (pdf, 25KB)

Minutes August 2006 (pdf, 27KB)

Minutes June 2006 (pdf, 22KB)


Minutes December 2005 (pdf, 37KB)

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Join the MRCA

The Michelago Region Community Association (MRCA) represents our local community and is actively involved in advancing the interests of Michelago and region. We need your ideas, so please consider joining! 

The subscription for 2020 is still a mere $10 per person or $15 per family. Just fill in our membership form (pdf, 144Kb) and email to mrca@michelagoregion.org.au or drop at the store.

MRCA Meetings

MRCA meetings are normallyheld monthly at the Michelago General Store at 6:30pm on the first Tuesday of the month.  Due to Covid-19 social disctancing rules the meetings will be held as video conferences.  We welcome your participation and will post details of the next meeting shortly.

MRCA Facebook

Check out our Facebook page for updates.

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