Climate Action Monaro Media Release - 9 December 2013

Wednesday, 11 December 2013 12:02

Climate Council Report Warns of Increased Bushfire Risk

In a report issued today, the Climate Council warns of increased risk of bushfires with climate change and calls on communities to prepare for extreme fire conditions.

President of Climate Action Monaro, Ms Jenny Goldie, says the Monaro had already experienced increased fire risk from the spread of African lovegrass and residents should be very concerned about climate change adding to the problem.

The report has six main points:

Ms Goldie says the last point is significant, namely, we have to take action this decade and not leave it until later.

"We all have to do our bit in reducing greenhouse emissions by flying and driving less, planting trees and moving to renewable energy where we can," she says.

"It is up to government, however, to bring in effective mitigation policies including a shift away from subsidising fossil fuels towards subsidising renewables such as wind and solar. Globally, fossil fuel subsidies amount to $544 billion whereas renewables only get about $109 billion annually."

Ms Goldie says there has to be adaptation as well as mitigation and, in the case of fires, more resources put into the Rural Fire Service (RFS).

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