Climate Action Monaro Media Release - 13 March 2013

Thursday, 21 March 2013 14:01

Climate Change will Transform the Bush

Climate change will transform the bush and we'll have to think big to cope, according to Dr Mike Dunlop of CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences who will address a public meeting in Cooma on Saturday.

Dr Dunlop participated in a recent CSIRO study led by Dr David Hilbert that found significant changes will occur right across the Australian continent with projected increases in temperature under climate change. These changes will affect whole ecosystems as well as individual species.

Jenny Goldie, president of Climate Action Monaro, says the effects of climate change are already being felt with the Climate Commission calling the most recent Australian summer "The Angry Summer" in which 123 records were broken.

"We are now seeing summer extend into autumn," says Ms Goldie. "In Tasmania, March temperatures have been seven degrees above normal. Melbourne had a record nine consecutive days of temperatures over 32 degrees. Sydney is midway through its third longest stretch of temperatures over 25 degrees in autumn.

"Scientists are warning that we may experience four degrees warming well before the end of the century unless strong mitigation measures are implemented. This has grave implications for everyone, including residents on the Monaro who will be subjected to higher temperatures and more extreme weather events, as well as significant changes to the bush."

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