Cooma Railway Campaign

Monday, 21 March 2011 08:53

Information for local residents regarding the Cooma Railway Campaign

The  Cooma Railway Campaign is initially to get the Canberra to Michelago train line repaired so tourist trains can re-commence. This extremely popular service ceased in 1989.

The Australian Railway Historical Society ACT Division Inc (ARHS) negotiated a licence to run trains on the line and commenced train running in 1993.  In 2006, services were suspended due to a washaway near Royalla.

To reopen the line substantial sleeper replacement will be required, approximately 16,000.  In addition one major timber bridge, at Jerrabomberra Creek will need to be replaced, and some other minor bridgework and other works undertaken.  We are investigating a large pile of steel sleepers that would probably be sufficient and are lying unused along the northern line, and will be applying for a regional development grant to cover the costs.

However in the meantime the Monaro Greens candidate Paul Cockram has issued a policy statement saying the line should be reopened all the way to Cooma.

The benefits for the region are obvious - tourism, commuter, snow traffic (reduced and safer!), freight...

We'd like to call on the community to contact the Monaro candidates and ask their policy on re-openiing of the line in stages, initially to Michelago:

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